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Over half a century has passed since Jim Winans, Jr. started Winans Sanitary Supply Company, Inc. From our beginning as a 'bucket and mop' operation in 1959, Winans provided supplies and routine work floor care to many small firms. From this humble beginning, Winans has expanded both in volume and the types of services provided. A major landmark and symbol of the firm's development was the recent relocation of Winans' corporate headquarters to its present Parkersburg office complex on Twenty-Ninth Street. Today, Winans stands as a leader within the industry and a pioneer into new areas of service. One of the largest, most reputable and successful contracting firms in the region, now has a network of office in West Virginia and Ohio to better serve clients. We are continually training and staffing production operations and service areas to help today's businesses get the job done. Now, as throughout Winans history, the loyalty and diligence of our employees are the most important elements of our success.